Let Them KNOW You Care....Don't Make Them ASK!!

  May is Military Appreciation Month and in honor of those who serve and have served, the Military Appreciation App (MAA)  is creating a special tab on our website and in our mobile app for LOCAL business owners who want to show their gratitude by listing their May discounts, specials, events, or general support*.

*You do not have to offer a discount or special to participate in the MAA. We only ask that you treat our military and veterans with the respect they deserve

  The cost is only $100 for the entire month and your business will receive a customized ad which will include:

1) Your Company Logo

2) Your Color Scheme

3) Links to your website/social media pages

4) GPS to your address

5) Click to Call your phone number

6) A description of your products and services.

7) Your individual statement of military support

  This is a opportunity to demonstrate your support directly to the smartphones of thousands of military/veteran men and women and show them...



There are thousands of businesses and organizations in the NW Florida area that can help our military and veteran families either save time. money, or both. Our goal is to identify those products and services and make our military/veterans aware of them

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