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The MAA is a Resource Directory that lists LOCAL Businesses & Organizations that Appreciate our Military/Veteran Men & Women

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Join us in praying for our nation, for the citizens of the world, for our military, and for our veterans.  We must all do our part to contain the Coronavirus and flatten the curve.  

Wash your hands.

Practice Social Distancing. 

Stay Informed. 

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a win!! Win!!


For Military/Veteran Families...

...the MIlitary Appreciation App provides a LOCAL mobile resource that lets them know which area businesses and organizations care and support them. Thus saving them precious TIME and MONEY


For Area Businesses.....

....the Military Appreciation App provides a great way for business owners to say "Thank you for your service!" while promoting their products and services directly to the smartphones of literally thousands of military men and women


THANK YOU to all the businesses and organizations that support our military/veteran men and women. And THANK YOU for supporting the MAA directory.


 Military Appreciation Day at Cordova Mall was a HUGE success. THANK YOU to everyone who participated.  Click below for Picture Gallery.  Stay tuned for our next event. 


Why our ads work!

Custom Designed for Our Businessses

We design each ad in the MAA per our customers and users wants and needs.

Each interactive ad in the MAA contains the following:

- Customers  Logo and Color Scheme

- Phone number(s) that are Click-to-Call

- Address (GPS Link if desired)

- Links to Website /Social Media Pages

- Description of Businesses' Products/Services

- Statement of Military Support (discount, special, or services offered)

Easy Access for Our Users

  We design our ads so our military/veteran men and women can easily contact, locate, or find additional information regarding each business or organization within each ad.

  By using interactive links, our users are one click away from getting the information they desire.

Download the app to your smartphone via this link

Don't own a smartphone? View the web version of the MAA Online (lower quality)

Don't own a smartphone? View the web version of the MAA Online (lower quality)


Click below to download our app or simply search "Military Appreciation" in your Apple or Android device's app store. We are proud to say we are the #1 Military Appreciation mobile app in BOTH!!

Don't own a smartphone? View the web version of the MAA Online (lower quality)

Don't own a smartphone? View the web version of the MAA Online (lower quality)

Don't own a smartphone? View the web version of the MAA Online (lower quality)


We do provide a web version of the MAA but please note that the app is specifically designed for smartphones.  We provide the PC version as  courtesy to our veterans who do not have a smartphone but deserve to have the information 

Register Your Business

Don't own a smartphone? View the web version of the MAA Online (lower quality)

Register Your Business


NOTE: The MAA is only funded by memberships and sponsorships. We offer ALL businesses, regardless of size or budget,  an opportunity to market their business directly to the smartphones of  thousands of military men and women




Over 80,000 Visitors (most of them repeats) have used the MAA and we continue to  grow EVERYDAY!!

About the MAA

"We provide Military Men/Women and their families one easily accessible, reliable, comprehensive resource that lists the LOCAL Businesses and Organizations that CARE and SUPPORT them!!"

There are thousands of businesses and organizations in the NW Florida area that generously support our military men and women by offering discounts, services, or programs, designed to help them. But how are our veterans suppose to know....





For those reasons, we created the Military Appreciation App. The MAA is FREE and is used by thousands of military men and women (see analytics below) who want to KNOW what is available to them in our LOCAL area. Whether they are visiting, living, or deployed here, we provide them this information FREE, right on their smartphones


The MAA is a great resource for  finding MILITARY DISCOUNTS but that is only part of what we do. We supply military men/women and their families with information regarding: 

- LOCAL JOBS/Human resources

- Home/Mortgage/Loans programs

- Insurance Information

- Car Buying Programs/Auto Repair

- Finances/Investments/Banking

- Military NEWS

- Attorneys/Legal Aide

-Local Events/Attractions

-VA Information/Veteran Service Org



*NOTE: Many of our businesses can not or do not offer discounts but support and help our veterans in other ways.

IMPORTANT: ALL Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and veteran related non-profits are listed FREE in the MAA. We want/need our veterans to know what services are available to them. PLEASE CLICK BELOW :

does your business belong on the MAA?

The Common Sense of Marketing to the Military-

1) There are over 1/2 million veterans/military members/spouses/dependents who reside, visit, or are stationed in NW Florida yet very few business owners think to include them in their marketing and advertising budgets 

2) Just because your business is located in a military rich area, that does not mean you are getting as many military related patrons as you could have. According to the VA, 86% of Military related personnel will look for discounts/incentives BEFORE making a buying decision. In many cases business owners will never know why veterans are NOT patronizing their establishment

3) There are thousands of area businesses that generously offer military discounts/incentives but how are our military men and women suppose to know about them? Thousands of military men, women, and spouses depend on and use our app because we provide that information FREE in a very user friendly mobile format.

4) Veterans/Military Members/spouses are just like the rest of us. They use smartphones and are MOBILE. Creating a mobile app and placing the information right in their hands just makes sense.

5) Showing genuine support for our military expresses caring and goodwill. Military patrons are loyal and will share their experiences with their family and friends. In addition, 84% of civilians look favorably upon businesses that are military friendly.

The MAA is successful because of these principles. We grow everyday!! Through our ads, news stories (see below) social media and constant word of mouth, we have become the "go to" resource for thousands of veterans, active duty military members and their families.

Please view our WEARTV3 news story from last August 2016 to learn more us:

"Veterans and Military patrons are among my most loyal and they will share their

Military and LOCAL Businesses Supporting Each Other

The Gulf Coast area is home to thousands of veteran/military men and women and in addition, is a tourist destination for thousands more. That makes the military consumer market VERY valuable


Offering Military Discounts can help your bottom line!!

According to the White House Consumer Affairs Office, just one military consumer is worth 10 times their initial purchase. They are loyal repeat customers that will share their good fortune with their families and friends (both military and civilian) 


"By helping us, you are helping others!"

Please let us know what you think of us. We are far from perfect. Our goal is simply to make a difference by connecting our veterans with the local businesses/organizations that can help them

Military Appreciation App

Pensacola, Florida, United States

(850) 530-9907


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