**NWFL Veterans Honor Card**

Actual NWFL Veterans Honor Card


If you possess a DD214 and honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces, or if your were/are married to someone who honorably served, this program was designed for you (regardless of your age or the length of service). The Military Appreciation App (MAA) has created the NW Florida Veterans Honor Card to help save veterans and their families time and money by giving them access to an array of discounts, services and programs that are offered by area businesses and organizations to ALL Veterans and their spouses. 

Why the Veterans Honor Card was Created?

For years local businesses have generously offered discounts and specials to veterans based on the fact they show a "Valid Military ID." The problem is that most business owners are naively unaware that the majority of veterans  (unless they are retired or are on active duty) DO NOT possess a "regular" wallet size Military ID. We wanted to create a card that veterans/spouses could easily carry on their person and that businesses would gladly accept...thus allowing ALL veterans and their spouses the ability to receive the discounts and other offers available to them through the MAA. FYI, we are aware that there are other forms of IDs offered through the VA and other sources. We hope area businesses will accept any and all viable forms of military identification, even those carried by military spouses (they serve too!)


DD-214 Veterans and Spouses Eligibility

If you possess a DD-214 and served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces you are eligible for the NWFLVHC.  We will not ask for any specific information from your DD-214. We would, however, like to know your date of separation from the Armed Services and even this is voluntary. You must simply state that you have a DD214 and that you were honorably discharged. For spouses, to be eligible, you must state that you were/are married to an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and what branch of service your spouse was/is in.

A TRUE HONOR CARD (with zero red tape)

Each Honor Card is custom designed per the applicant's voluntary information and the image provided. We DO NOT and WILL NOT vet individuals who apply for the NWFL Veterans Honor Card. Everyone who applies is taken at their word..... HONORABLY (NOTE: All information obtained in getting the NWFL VHC is PRIVATE and we DO NOT share our applicant's information with anyone.)

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Where is the NWFL Veterans Honor Card Accepted

The MAA lists hundreds of LOCAL businesses all along the Gulf Coast, in the app and our corresponding website, that are willing to recognize and accept the NWFL Veterans Honor Card and that truly appreciate your business. Just look for the MAA logo on that businesses' ad in the app/website


To further promote the transparency of this program, on the back of each Honor Card is the following legal disclaimer that explains the criteria and parameters of the NWFL VHC program: 

Disclaimer: The NW Florida Veterans Honor Card (NWFLVHC) is issued for the sole purpose of veterans and spouses receiving discounts, services and other incentives offered by the businesses/organizations that participate and are listed in the Military Appreciation App (MAA). The NWFLVHC can not be used as a valid ID for determining actual identity, or residency, nor is it issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It does NOT entitle the holder to any VA benefits. The discounts/incentives in the MAA are offered voluntarily by each merchant and are subject to change at any time. 

Why Include Spouses?

Military spouses make many sacrifices while being married to a member of the Armed Forces. In many cases, while their mates are deployed or are working.  It is the spouse who manages the household and family income. Yet, how many times have you ever seen a business offer a "Military Spouse's Discount?" We included them in the NWFL VHC program because SPOUSES SERVE TOO!!

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How do I get my card?

Simply click on the tab below to fill out the short application and register. You should have your NWFL VHC within 14 business days. (FYI, for those veterans/spouses who can not afford to pay for the card, please message us below and let us know your situation.)

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We Want/Need Your Feedback

If you are a Veteran/Spouse, we would love your comments, questions, and opinions on this program

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